Consulting & Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Business Model, blockchain Ecosystem

Create a customised blockchain model or ecosystem to suit your business.

Blockchain Technology Service

Build a blockchain platform to fit the needs of your business. Blockchain technology can help businesses to cut costs, streamline processes or create new revenue streams.


Asset Tokenisation

Stablecoin Creation

Issue a stablecoin through the Flying Cash platform and take advantage of the low volatility of fiat currencies, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Generate a token economy and list on an exchange specialised in security tokens. Take advantage of the unique property of tokenization of assets and turn illiquid assets liquid.


Exchange Solutions

Customised Exchange

ShineEX has been a leading provider of regulatory compliant white label exchanges since 2016. Our team of experienced developers have rolled out exchanges in more than ten countries to date. Join an ecosystem which brings leading technologies together to ensure instant liquidity and digital asset security.


Trading and Liquidity Service

Trade Engine Solution: EXA

The Exchange Alliance technology allows the forwarding of order books to enable the execution of a single order across many exchanges. To date, EXA has integrated 30+ compliant digital asset exchanges and is enabling small-scale trading platforms to thrive.

Liquidity Provider (LP)

Source the most professional team to provide the best liquidity for your platform or token.

Over-The-Counter (OTC)

Official banking channel provides reliable first class service.


Payment Solutions

Secure Wallet: Bastionpay

A digital asset storage, management, and payment application. Furthermore, it supports a variety of online and offline payment solutions and provides consumer friendly access to multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Decentralised Wallet: Token Kit

A decentralised multi-chain digital asset wallet to solve users’ trust issue with centralised exchanges and let users hold digital assets themselves.


Clearing, Custody & Asset Management

Custody: Bastion

We are focused on providing standardised cryptocurrency clearing, custody and security services to companies around the world, enabling them to review their financial statements more clearly and comprehensively.

Digital Assets Management

Blockshine is building a comprehensive digital asset management business focused on blockchain infrastructure and digital asset investment.


Global Community

Blockchain Centre

Blockchain Centre brings together computer enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs from various industries, Internet industry executives and high-quality technical talents to build a blockchain talent ecosystem with education as its core, and is committed to building an “Academy” for blockchain technical talents.


TACHION is committed to creating an open, all-inclusive community that puts the needs of developers first. Our members are architects of a vibrant blockchain and DApp ecosystem that is building consensus and establishing long-term trust every day.



Branding & Website Consulting

Ensure that your brand is a good representation of your project. Engage the most effective demographic and build an identity based on your strengths.

White Paper Consulting

A good white paper has clear goals, a logical flow and has good data visualisation.

Our team of blockchain experts can fine tune your whitepaper, fact check technical concepts and ensure that it is as attractive as possible to maximise investment into your project.


Token Listing

Exchange Alliance Flagship Listing

List on the Exchange Alliance flagship exchanges and find corporate investment.

Global Token Listing

Blockshine enjoys close relationships with many of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Plan a strategic listing to boost the visibility and liquidity of your token.



Regulatory Compliance Package

Blockshine has strong relationships with governments and international organisations around the world. With experts who are familiar with dealing with regulators, Blockshine is able to provide you with the best registration and compliance services and help your company stand out from the crowd.