Payment Solutions

Secure Wallet: BastionPay

A digital asset storage, management, and payment application. Furthermore, it supports a variety of online and offline payment solutions and provides consumer friendly access to multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Product Features

  • Compatible with 200+ digital assets

  • Scan QR codes to make easy payments

  • API available for Merchants

  • Bank grade custody of assets

  • Instant messaging functionality with in-chat transfers of assets

  • White label solution available


Decentralised Wallet: Token Kit

A decentralised multi-chain digital asset wallet to solve users’ trust issue with centralised exchanges and let users hold digital assets themselves.

Product Features

  • Supports the most popular digital assets such as: BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, ERC20 tokens and more

  • Private keys are stored locally on the client device

  • Assets are protected by multiple encryption techniques

  • Create/import wallets and send and receive digital assets

  • Real-time fiat price valuations

  • Account backup through the mnemonic phrase

  • White label solution available